About our company

Established in 1999, we have been, and continue to be, one of the leading blueberry companies in Argentina.

Berries del Plata is a blueberry packing and exporting company owned by five blueberry growers. They initiated their growing activity back in 1993.

Initially there was only 1 hectare planted. Today our company represent almost 400 has of blueberry production, between our own and our contracted growers.

Berries del Plata exported volumes grew from 30 tons back in 1999 to more than 1700 tons this past 2011 season.

Our History

Very close to the nascent of Rio de la Plata, around one of the largest fresh waterbasin in South America, Argentina holds a treasure. Discover it in our blueberries

Berries del Plata grow, pack and export.
Close to 50% of the volume available from Argentina is grown on farms either own or operated by Berries del Plata.

This farms are distributed mainly through Buenos Aires but also in the northern regions of Tucumán, Concordia and Corrientes
This diversified production base has been the key to succesfull and reliable export and sales programs

All our farms either owned or from our committed grower's network are Global GAP certified.
We take food safety very seriously.

We started in the activity of the blueberry in 1997. Berries del Plata pioneerd in production and commercialization of blueberries, having laid its foundations during the beginning of the activity in Argentina.

Marcelo Sanchetti

Director at Berries del Plata

In the last 10 years, we have increased our own production from 35% to 70%

Fernando Skiarski

Director at Berries del Plata

Our growing area

Berries Del Plata partners initiated their growing activity back in 1993 in Lima, a region located less than 70 miles north of the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina’s Federal capital).


Our different varieties and our network of growers distributed thru all the major production areas allow us to extend the harvest period from the beginning of September until the end of December, in order to supply the off-season markets during those traditionally low supply months, when local production is non-existent and demand is still growing stronger year after year.

Promotional volumes

We have promotional volumes during Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays!

Quality standards

It is an essential value for Berries del Plata to guarantee the quality of its fruits, which strengthen our production programs in every stage. In order to go beyond our client’s expectations, we have implement a Total Quality Program, not only based on our own control policies but also based on international standards.

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